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По случай 24-ти май, Ден на славянската просвета и култура, лабораториите ни в гр.София и гр. Варна няма да работят с изключение на: Лабораторията на ул. “Илинден” 3 (в двора на Окръжна Болница, гр. Варна) ще работи с нормално работно време.

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20+ years experience
Results you can trust
SMDL "City Lab" is an outpatient care facility that performs medical examinations and full laboratory diagnostics.

Preventive examinations

We have numerous packages of preventive examinations

Hormonal studies

Packages of the most frequently requested hormone tests

Child studies

А package of studies suitable for children, required by kindergarten, etc.


Complete laboratory diagnostics at the world level!

Modern equipment
SMDL "City Lab" is an outpatient facility that performs medical tests for complete laboratory diagnostics. Thanks to the correct, high-quality and fast service to patients, "City Lab" Medical Center has been one of the leading laboratories in Varna and Sofia for 20 years. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and consumables of the highest quality. The laboratory has a contract with the NHIF.
We work with the NHS
Take advantage of your rights provided by the National Health Insurance Fund
99.98% research accuracy
Our modern equipment and highly qualified staff ensure almost 100% accuracy of the results of our medical examinations.
Home visits
We are one of the few laboratories that provides a visit to your home.


Our research packages

За да сте спокойни за вашето здраве Ви предлагаме базов профилактичен пакет. Включените в него изследвания ще Ви дадат информация за ли...
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The package includes all examinations required by law from childcare facilities. Studies included: Complete blood count (CBC 22 indicators) with differential count Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) General chemical examination of urine, Uri...
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Instructions for the patient

Each test has certain requirements that must be met by the patient. Here you will find guidance on the type of research you want to do.
necessary steps
preparation and materials


In the morning on an empty stomach (after ensuring 12 hours of fasting during the night hours) or at least 2 hours after the last meal and 24 hours off alcohol intake. It is also necessary to abstain from coffee and cigarettes before taking the sample.

Urine for uroculture (sterile urine)

Suitable for testing is an average portion of the first morning urine or, exceptionally, urine passed at least three hours after the last urination.
The sample is taken after a strict toilet of the external genitalia with soap and water.

24 hour urine

The 24-hour urine test is a laboratory test that can be used to examine the amount of various substances in the urine - proteins, hormones, urea, creatinine, etc. The test is usually used to assess kidney function. To conduct it, it is necessary for the patient to collect in a special container the entire amount of urine that he excreted in a period of 24 hours.

Preparation for examination of feces

Feces for microbiological examination are placed in a sterile container with a wide opening. Contamination of the sample with urine should be avoided.

Microbiological examination of secretion

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Taking a perianal impression - scotch tape

The scotch tape sample is taken in the morning, without washing with water, before a large bowel movement, so that no feces get on the tape.

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