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в интернет страницата на СМДЛ “Сити Лаб”!

IMDL City Lab is an outpatient care facility that provides medical testing services in the form of complete laboratory diagnostics. Thanks to the correct, quality and fast service of patients, IMDL City Lab LTD has been one of the leading laboratories in Varna for 14 years. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and consumables of the highest quality. IMDL City Lab has signed a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund.



Here you will find useful information about the offered lab tests and their prices. Useful information on each test performed in the laboratory.

Домашни посещения

С внимание към нуждите на пациентите СМДЛ “Сити Лаб” предлага и опцията и за посещение на квалифициран лаборант до дома Ви.

Check your results

MDL City Labs enables you to check your test results on the web.

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Technical maintenance

Dear patients of City Lab, Please be advised that on December 15, 2018, for technical reasons, the…

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