DNA analysis

50.00 leva   Test for isolation and typing of HSV1 and HSV2 herpes viruses


The infection is proven in a high-specific molecular-biological test – a DNA test.
The test proves a herpes infection in people with a suspicion of herpes in a variety of clinical forms – on the lips, on the face, on the eyes, on the head, on the rump, on the genital organs.
The patient is taken a sample material according to the clinical form: urethral swab, uterine cervix swab, labia swab, penis swab, as well as throat secretion, cervical, rectal and pharyngeal secretions, fluid from the blisters (rash units), skin and mucous membranes ulcerations.
Rash units should not be treated prior to taking the appropriate secretion or fluid.
The result is obtained after 3 business days.

30.00 leva   PCR – Gonorrhea (clap, DNA analysis)

65.00 leva   PCR – HPV (DNA analysis for human papilloma virus infection)

40.00 leva   PCR – Ureapl. ureal. (DNA analysis of ureaplasma infection)

40.00 leva   PCR – Mycopl. gen. (DNA analysis of mycoplasma infection)

40.00 leva   PCR – Chlam. Trach. (DNA analysis of chlamydial infection)

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